See Christophe’s credits below, or visit his Spotlight page.


2017-ONGOING, Actor/Facilitator, VARIOUS HISTORICAL WORKSHOPS (Victorian, Egyptian, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Stone Age) at The Museum of Kent Life, Yeo Theatrical Services for Kent Life, Stephen Yeo & C. Philipps
2019Storyteller (lead/solo; also writer)STORIES OF NATURE & US / VOYAGE OF DISCOVERYGriffin Historical for English HeritageMark Griffin & Christophe Philipps
2018, Agent Black (lead), AGENT BLACK, Liverpool Titanic Museum, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne de Strete
2018, Santa (lead), SANTA’S GROTTO, Leeds Castle, Griffin Historical for Leeds Castle, Alysha Sargent, Mark Griffin & Christophe Philipps
2018, Mandrake the Mentalist (lead), HALLOWEEN GHOST TOURS, Battle Abbey, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Christophe Philipps & Mark Griffin
2018, Storyteller (lead/solo; also writer), STORIES OF NATURE & US – Wrest Park, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Christophe Philipps & Mark Griffin
2018, Punchman/Puppeteer (lead/solo), PUNCH & JUDY, Griffin Historical for English Heritage – Osborne House, C. Philipps
2018, Major Phillips (lead), 1878 – THE WAR THAT NEVER WAS, Griffin Historical for Royal Armouries, Mark Griffin & C. Philipps
2017Mandrake the Mentalist (lead/writer)HAUNTED ABBEYGriffin Historical for English HeritageC. Philipps & Mark Griffin
2017, Puppeteer (solo/writer), PUNCH & JUDY, Griffin Historical, Mark Griffin & C. Philipps
2017Plague Doctor (lead/writer)A PEASANT’S LIFETroubadour TalesJeff Baker & C. Philipps
2017, Recording and Rehearsed Reading, Adam, SUPERSTITION, Little Green Pig, Robert Cohen
2017, Athelstan the Saxon Storyteller, THE WORM OF LAMBTON CASTLE & FULK FITZ WARIN, Griffin Historical for Leeds Castle, C. Philipps, Laura Tindle & Mark Griffin
2016, Agent Black (lead), AGENT BLACK, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne De Strete
2016, Cal, CULT FRICTION – REHEARSED READING, Second Impression Theatre Co., David Weedall
2016, Lord Percy Thomas (lead), HIGHWAYMEN, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne De Strete
2016, Mandrake the Mentalist (lead), HAUNTED ABBEY/ABBEY AFTER DARK, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Mark Griffin
2016, Storyteller (solo/writer), STAY OR DECAY – A LOOK INTO THE PAST, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Mark Griffin
2016, Storyteller (solo/writer), THE AFTERMATH OF 1066, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps
2016, Storyteller (solo/writer), THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS RECREATION – WITH VEG!, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps
2016, Royal Footman, ODSTOCK, Iambe Prods., Ellie Cummings
2016, James Blond (lead), BLOND: DR THUNDERTHIGHS, Big Head Events, C. Philipps
2016, Agent Black, BOND: AGENT BLACK, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne de Stret
2016, Captain Baker (solo), LITTLE SHIPS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps
2016, Abbot William (solo/writer), A MONK’S TALE, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps
2016, Comedy, Bob, THE REVENGE OF EMMY TOTT, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Pip Henderson
2015, Musical/Sketch/Satire, Various (lead; also writer), TREASON SHOW ‘BEST OF’, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2015, Drama, Antonio, THE MERCHANT OF NEW YORK, Rialto Prods, Nathan Ariss
2015, Comedy, ‘Old’ Vic Cratchett (lead/writer), HORRIBLE HISTORIES: WORST VICTORIAN JOBS, Theatre Royal Brighton, Jeff Baker
2015, Satire, The (Dick)Heads of State (multiple), MEIN KAMPERVAN, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2015, Historical, Pilgrim King, 1066: THE YEAR OF FOUR KINGS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Jeff Baker
2015, Panto, Captain Hook, PETER & THE ICE PRINCESS, The Princess Portal, Grace Page
2015, Shakespearean comedy, Dr Caius, THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, Treason Prods/Brighton Open Air Theatre, Mark Brailsford
2015, Historical, Lt. Atkinson, FRONTLINE: THE GREAT WAR, Ancient Wisdom, Stephen ‘Abs’ Wisdom
2015, Comedy, Tony, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY, ZLS Theatre, Guy Wah
2014, Comedy, Boycie/Trigger (Lead), ONLY FOOLS & HORSES, Comedy Dining, Sue McCormick – UK tour
2014, Comedy, Gomez Addams (lead), THE ADDAMS FAMILY, Comedy Dining, Sue McCormick – UK tour
2014, Musical/Sketch/Satire, Various (lead; also writer), TREASON SHOW: REFERENDUM SPECIAL, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2014, Comedy, Ford, A STILL LIFE, A Bunch of Actors, C. Philipps
2014, Musical/Sketch/Satire, Various (lead), TREASON SHOW: BRIGHTON FRINGE SPECIAL, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2014, Comedy Musical, Fernsby (lead), THE OPINION MAKERS, Foundry Group/Driftwood Prods, Brian Mitchell
2014, Various (lead; also writer), TREASON SHOW: FEBRUARY/MARCH, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2014, Various (lead; also writer)TREASON SHOW: POST-CRIMBO, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2011, Musical, John the Baptist/Judas, GODSPELL, Beyond the Barricades, David Fawcett
2011, Comedy Musical, Orin the Dentist/ensemble, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, Sedlescombe Players, Tara Buchannan
2011, Adult Panto, Mr Smeg, PETER PANSY & THE PIRATES, Cackle Street Ent., Steven Gordon-Wilson
2010, Shakespearean Comedy, Silvius, AS YOU LIKE IT, Mercatoria Theatre, Nick Pilton & Rachel McCarron
2010, Musical, Walter de Courcey, CHESS, Phoenix Theatre, Sue Gladman
2010, Drama, Young Horseman/Nugget, EQUUS, Stables Theatre Prods., Zola Thomas & Zoe Morgan
2010, Comedy, Jam (Lead), MELONS, Alexander Prods., Jean Alexander
2009, Shakespearean Comedy, Don Pedro, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Mercatoria Theatre, Nick Pilton
2009, Light Opera, Grosvenor, PATIENCE, Blog Prods, Richard Moore
2008, Historical Comedy, Sir James Gentle, GLASNEY, PCT, Christophe Philipps
2008, Sketch, Chris (lead; also writer/producer), TOWN & COUNTRY, DumbFUNDED Theatre, C. Philipps
2007, Drama, Neil (lead), O GO MY MAN, BexCol Theatre, Chris King
2006, Farce, Henry (lead; also producer), FUNNY MONEY, TSC Productions, Alex Segal & Roweena Betts
2006, Comedy, Ford (also writer/producer), STILL LI(F)E, FakeAwake Prods, C. Philipps
2006, Oratorio, Officer, THE INVESTIGATION, Maxim Prods, Waldemar Maxim
2005, Farce, Bertozzo (also producer), ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, TSC Prods, Hannah Ashwell
2005, Sketch/Musical/Satire Ensemble/compere (lead; also writer/director), RHYTHM & MUSE, TSC Prods, Dominic Symmonds
2005, Comedy/Puppetry, Mr Punch (lead; also writer/producer), THE NIGHTMARISH WORLD, OR WORLDLY NIGHTMARE, OF MR PUNCH, TSC Prods, C. Philipps
2002, Comedy, King Verence (also producer), WYRD SISTERS, Hollow Way Theatre, C. Philipps & Adib Bamieh
2019, Feature Film (Drama)JackJAWANI JANEMANBeyond the Cloud Motion Pictures LtdNitin Kakkar
2018, Music Video, Battered Boyfriend, SIMON DINWIDDY ‘REBELS’, Black Sheep Independent Films, Mark Jones
2018, Short (comedy), Satan, SEASONAL CONTRACT, Neon Pineapple, George R. Lee
2018, Short (comedy/farce), Richard (lead), SPECIAL SAUCE, MET Film School, Ruby Victor
2017, Short (drama), John (lead), ONE MOMENT…, SkyNight Productions, Scott Morris
2017, Online Comedy Series, Christophe (lead), ALL’S FAIR – SERIES 2 (6 EPISODES), A Bunch of Actors, Christophe Philipps
2017, Short (drama), David, OBSESSED, Slick, Christopher Hanvey
2017, Short (drama), Captain Browning (lead), MERCY, TNT Films, Rob Thrush
2016, Short (drama), Nick (lead), THE SIREN’S CALLING, Lampert Productions, Natasha Lampert
2016, Short (dramatic monologue), Edward Hemmerde (lead/solo), 1916 CONSCRIPTION DEBATE FILM, Time Will Tell Theatre for National Army Museum, Simon Kirk
2016, Short (drama), Andrew (teacher), CONCRETE, Brighton Film School, Billy Curnow
2016, Feature Film (comedy/drama), Waiter, OLD BOYS, Momac, Toby MacDonald
2016, Online Comedy Series, The Dates, ALL’S FAIR – SERIES 1 (6 EPISODES), A Bunch of Actors, Kelly Gray & C. Philipps
2016, Short (comedy/drama), Man (lead), THE COLUMN, Brighton Film School, Jed Aitchison
2015, Short (comedy), Barry the Boss (lead), BAD BUSINESS, HU Films, Conor Maneely
2014, Feature (drama), Club Guest, LEGEND, Working Title, Brian Helgeland
2014, Short (horror), Frankie (lead), LUST, Dead Brain Cell Prods, Richard Storey
2014, Short (drama), Cutter (lead/solo), JIGSAW, RBC Films, Jamie Hillier
2014, Short (comedy), Ford, DR PROCTOR’S 12 STEPS, A Bunch of Actors, C. Philipps
2013, Short (comedy), Burt (lead), WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?, AUB Prods, Malcolm Mowbray
2012, Feature (drama/horror), PC Reading, BYZANTIUM, Freeman Films, Neil Jordan
2012, Feature (comedy/drama), Gabriel, JENNY RINGO & THE CABARET FROM HELL, Wolf & Fox Films, Chris Regan
2012, Short (drama), Tom, VIOLIN, UCH Prods., Dan Worth
2011, Short (drama), Doctor, PERSONA, Alexander Prods., Heather Alexander
2011, Feature (thriller), Solitaire (lead), SOLITAIRE: ENDGAME, Morningstar Films
2011, Short (comedy), Lawrence (lead), TWO BIRDS, UCH Prods., Joel Blake
2010, Music video, Clown (lead), SWEET GORILLA BAND, Somokolo, Stephen O’Loan
2010, Short (drama), David (lead), BREAKING SILENCE, FuzzyDuckFilms, Callum Murphy
2005, Short (horror), Brian (lead), TRAPPED, 3Angle Films, Lawrence Fisher
2018, Police Chief, UNCOVERED III (German TV), PQP/P2, Kosai Takasaki
2017, Royal Equerry, PLOM, Like A Shot Entertainment, Bruce Burgess
2017, King Charles II (lead), PRIVATE LIVES OF THE MONARCHS, Like A Shot Entertainment, Bruce Burgess
2017, Prince Albert (lead), ROYAL MURDER MYSTERIES, Like A Shot Entertainment, Danny O’Brien
2016, Wehrmarcht General Hans Krebs, HITLER’S CIRCLE OF EVIL, World Media Rights for Netflix, Vicky Matthews
2016, Fake Miller 2, THE MILLER REPORT: REBORN, Ransom Prods, Tom Ransom
2016, The Dates, ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND TINDER – EPISODES 1-6, A Bunch of Actors, Kelly Michelle Gray
2015, Henry VII (lead), THE PRIVATE LIVES OF THE TUDORS: EPISODE 1 – HENRY VII, Like A Shot Entertainment, Bruce Burgess
2014, Inspector Maxwell, SPYMASTERS, Like A Shot Ent for History Channel, Bruce Burgess
2014, Nicola Tesla (lead), FORBIDDEN HISTORY: NICOLA TESLA, Like A Shot Ent. for History Channel, Bruce Burgess
2013, Fireman50 WAYS TO KILL YOUR LOVER, Thumbs Up Prods for Discovery, Jeremy Freeston
2011, Nick, THAT’S ENGLISH, Highwood Prods, Andrew Morgan
2011, Airtraffic Controller, AIRCRASH CONFIDENTIAL, World Media Rights for Discovery, Simon Ludgate
2010, Louis Diemschutz, JACK THE RIPPER, BEL Prods for Channel 5, Napal Bhogal
2010, Hunter (lead), THE ERGONOMIC APE, Pastworld Prods, Ivan Crowe
2005, Ships Officer, NELSON BICENTENNIAL, BBC2, Timothy Mayhew
2019, Capable Man (lead), RYOBI POWERTOOLS – Man Vs Tool, Ryobi Powertools, Mark Lowe
2019Tower RiggerMSA – V-GARD H1 (SAFETY EQUIPMENT)Render Media for MSARoss MacKenzie
2019, Actor/Presenter (lead/solo), ACCESS WORKSPACE, Dynomite Production for Access, Joel Fletcher
2019, Man #1, CLEAR CHANNEL, Itch Media for Clear Channel, Harry Webb
2019, Removal Man, DAVE BRAND IDENTS – ‘REMOVALS’, UKTV for Dave, Paul Philpott
2019, Actor/Presenter (lead/solo), QUOTESEARCH, LeadStream, Jennifer Grey
2019, Builder, QUALLY, Dogfella, Paris Seawell
2018, Young Dad (lead), SKIPTON BUILDING SOCIETY IDENTS, Darling Films Ltd, Steve Green
2018, Head Butler, MCDONALDS – SIGNATURE COLLECTION – viral, LEX Create Ltd, Martina Natali
2018, Man (lead), CHATTERTONS SOLICITORS, Wallbreaker Productions, Luke Winter
2018, Grim Reaper (lead), LIFE INSURANCE – TOM.CO.UK, Global Fire Productions, Ross Gill
2018, Model/Demonstrator (lead/solo), ANTI-FLUID T-SHIRTS, Photography Firm, Andrew Perris
2018, Presenter, EXPLAINER VIDEOS, Marketing Empire, Deren Stevens
2018, Farmer (lead/solo), MAKE A CHANGE – FARM SAFETY FOUNDATION, TVC Group, Luc Edwards
2017, Presenter #1, ONEFAMILY ELISA, McCann for OneFamily, Nelleke Noort
2017Man (lead)JUALS FURNISHINGSTristar TelevisionMilko Vilela
2017, Man (lead), BIG VAN WORLD, The Creation Lab, Matt Soper
2017DadPORT LYMPNE ANIMAL PARKClearheadCraig Spenceley
2017, Richard, HOMEAPP, 4Quarter Films Ltd, Natasha Jatania
2017, James (lead), A TALE OF TWO BRITAINS – PARTY POLITCAL VIRAL FOR LABOUR PARTY, The People for Jeremy Corbyn, Paul Nicholson
2017, ‘New’ (To-Camera Presenter), CANDIDATE TV / CV RIVER, CandidateTV, Deren Stevens
2016, Businessman, QVC CHRISTMAS, QVC, Nigel Cole Bowen
2016, Jeff’s Boss, KOZEL – TAP OUT, Manifest London, Adam Rae
2016, Man #1 (lead), LIFE WATER: LIGHT BOTTLES, Life Water, Jared Tomkins
2016, Businessman, CORFINANCIAL, Passepartout Films, Phil Thomas
2015, London Underground Worker, THE SAMARITANS: SIGNALS, Quadrant, Rebecca Lawson
2015, Passenger, CROWDICITY, Affixxius Films, Dave Whayman
2015, Banker, TRANSFERWISE: BANKER’S HOLIDAY, Yes Agency, Rhys Dunstan
2014, Florist (lead), BRITISH INSTITUTE, DEA Prods, Davide Enrico Agosta
2013, Interviewer, FUJITSU: PRIMERGY, Direction Group, Gary Wales
2013, Driver, SACLA OCADO: PRONTO VAN, MJZ for Sacla Ocado, Lenny Dorman
2012, Air Guitarist (lead), ROCK OF AGES PROMO, Hoot Comedy, James Rawlings
2011, Patrick, YOUR SPACE APARTMENTS, Spotreels, John Dyer
2016-ONGOING: Host/MC (lead/solo), EDEN FOOD FESTIVAL & NATIONAL COOKING DEMOS, Nationwide venues, Atomic Bee, Pippa Simpson
2017-ONGOING: Host/MC (lead/solo), GRAND MEDIEVAL JOUST – Leeds Castle (Maidstone) & Old Sarum (Salisbury), Griffin Historical, Mark Griffin & Alysha Sargent
2017-ONGOING: Roleplayer (lead/solo), TATA STEEL – Live Training Scenarios, Vision Training, Julian McDowell
2017-ONGOING, Roleplayer (lead/solo), DWP MEDICAL ASSESSMENTS, PRP Professional Roleplayers, Various Assessment Centres, C. Philipps
2015-ONGOING: Various (lead), 20+ HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT TRAINING, Stunt Action Specialists for Pilgrims Academy, Wayne De Strete
2015-ONGOING: Various Characters, Interactive Photography, EVENT PAPARAZZI – Live events, Wayne de Strete
2015-ONGOING: Host/MC for BRIGHTON LIFE, EDEN SHOPPING CENTRE & EASTBOURNE AIRBOURNE – Game show events, venues nationwide, Atomic Bee, Michelle Harvey, Pippa Simpson
2014-2017: Various (lead), 30+ THEMED CORPORATE SHOOTS, Wailing Banshee, David Baumber, Iain Campbell, Nicola Leddy, Brown Caetano & Federico Rea
2008-ONGOING: Writer/Tutor, STORY & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS – Arts University Bournemouth and various schools, colleges and adults groups.
2019, Corporate Films, Oli, UNCONSCIOUS BIAS – FINASTRA, Global Fire Creative for Finastra, Sam Aruwa
2019, Event, Presenter/Compere, STORYLAB, Atomic Bee for Grosvenor Centre, Michelle Harvey
2019EventPresenter/Compere (lead/solo)THE BEACON – LAUNCHAtomic Bee for The BeaconPippa Simpson
2019, Charity Event, Host/MC (lead/solo), ONE GREAT DAY, Atomic Bee for Great Ormand Stree & Rockinghorse, Churchill Square, Brighton, Pippa Simpson & Christophe Philipps
2019, Corporate Film, On-Camera Interviewer, ENTERPRISE HOLDINGS DIVERSITY FILM, Indigo Blue for Enterprise Holdings, Sue Coles
2019, Corporate Presentation Film, RACAL HEADSET USER GUIDE FILM, Racal for BAE Systems, Tony Shore
2019, Corporate Film, Holiday Maker, SHRM – HR BRAND FILM, Dreaming Fish, Ben Howe
2018, Corporate Film, Presenter (lead/solo), VODAPHONE – SUPPLIER H&S, Global Fire Creative for Vodaphone, Sam Aruwa
2018, Event, Paparazzi, MACMILLAN CHARITY BALL – Event Paparazzi, Wayne de Strete
2018, Event, Host, SKY BEACH CLEAN at BRIGHTON BEACH – RPM for Sky, James Physick
2018, Corporate Film, Office Worker, SANTANDER – Audacity Partners Ltd, Fabrizzio Spindola
2018, Corporate Presentation Film, Presenter (lead/solo), PRIMROSE ASSET MANAGEMENT – Corporate presentation film, Aleksandra Mikhailova
2018, Corporate Film, Commercial Shipping Consultant, FUTURE OPS ROOM – BAE SYSTEMS, TNT Films for BAE Systems, Rob Thrush
2018, Corporate Film, Presenter (lead/solo)ARVAL CAR LEASING – CUSTOMER GUIDERender Media for Arval Car LeasingPhil Avery
2017, Comedy Corporate – film & stills, Gerald, ENGAGE – CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD, River Film, James Bedford
2017, Corporate Film, Office Worker (solo), BARCLAYS TRAINING FILM, Kineo for Barclays, Chris Masterson
2017, Corporate Film, Husband, SEPSIS AWARENESS FILM, Hoot Marketing, Ben Cloud
2017EventCompereMIILION DOLLAR DROPMykindafutureVictoria Otter
2017, Training Film, John, CROSSRAIL – BACK TO YOUR FUTURE, Mark Wesley Productions for MTR/Crossrail, Mark Wesley
2017, Event, MC/Knights Templar, LOCKWOOD WEDDING, Griffin Historical, C. Philipps & Mark Griffin
2017, Corporate Film, Man (solo), TALKING T/GEL – JOHNSON & JOHNSON, Johnson & Johnson, Khalid B
2017, Training Film, Reporter, TRAINING VIDEOS – ESSEX POLICE, Essex Police, Adam Crossland
2017, Dwain Driver (lead), VIRGIN TRAINS REMOTE MEDIA TRAINING, Connected Pictures for Virgin Trains, Jody McAlavey
2016, Online film, Best Man, O2 BUSINESS – SARNIE BUSINESS, A New Beast for O2, Jonathan Beamish
2016, Online Promo, Scientist (lead), PHARMACY PROMO, Millstream Prods. for Boehringer-Ingelheim Ltd, Ben Cloud
2016, Event, Compere, ONE GREAT DAY, SAS for Marlands Centre, C. Philipps
2016, User (lead), XTB PLATFORM, Haus Pictures, Iain Simpson
2016, Allen (lead), ESSEX POLICE: DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS, Essex Police TV Unit, Adam Crossland
2015, Series, Presenter (lead), EUROPEAN BREAKS, Vidtur, Dan J Brown
2013, Pierre (lead), EULER HERMES: E-LEARNING, Brightwave, Stephen Mould
2013, Businessman, WINDOWS 8 UNIVERSITY APP, Elevate Comms., Matthew Beveridge
2011, Carl (lead), CREDIT SUISSE: GLOBAL RECRUITMENT, oXyfire Media, Jay Rozanski
2011-2012, Compere/Creative Director, BATTLE OF HASTINGS PROMS, Hastings Round Table, C. Philipps
2011, Compere, BATTLE TOWN FAYRE, Battel Bonfire Boyes, Matt Southam & Ricky Adelaide
2010-2012, Compere/Creative Director, HASTINGS BEER & MUSIC FESTIVAL, HBMF, C.Philipps
2016 – ONGOING, PAPARAZZI, PROHIBITION, PEAKY BLINDERS & JAMES BOND – MULTIPLE EVENTS, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne de Strete & C. Philipps
2018, Royal Footman, FRENCH REVOLUTION CHRISTMAS BALL – Grand Connaught Rooms, IAMBE Productions, Ellie Cummings
2018, Mad Hatter (lead/solo), MAD HATTER’S CHRISTMAS BALL – Shepperton Studios, Event Paparazzi, C. Philipps
2018, Royal Guard, ROYAL WEDDING EVENT – HEATHROW AIRPORT, Ministry of Fun, Rachael Carter & C. Philipps
2018, Museum Workman, 1928 – THE YEAR TATE BRITAIN FLOODED, Julia Fullerton-Batten Ltd for Tate Britain, Julia Fullerton-Batten
2018, Wing Commander & Captain Fisbury (lead/solo), RAF VS ARMY, Event Paparazzi, Christophe Philipps
2018, Gondolierman, CHARITY BALL, Stunt Action Specialists, Christophe Philipps
2017, Tall Tony (lead), PROHIBITION, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne De Strete & C. Philipps
2017, Father Christmas, FATHER CHRISTMAS AT BLUEBELL RAILWAY, Stunt Action Specialists, C. Philipps
2017, Father Christmas, FATHER CHRISTMAS AT LEEDS CASTLE, Griffin Historical for Leeds Castle, Alysha Sargent & C. Philipps
2017, Footman, HAMPTON COURT EVENT, IAMBE Productions Ltd, Ellie Cummings
2017, Sheriff of Nottingham, ROBIN HOOD EVENT, IAMBE Productions Ltd for TATA, Ellie Cummings
2017, Harry J. Popcorn, A TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, Blackwatch Entertainment, Brad Shaw & C. Philipps
2017, Captain Hector Barbosa (lead), PIRATES!, Stunt Action Specialists, Aaron de Strete & C. Philipps
2016, Santa, CHRISTMAS GROTTO – LEEDS CASTLE, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Mark Griffin & C. Philipps
2016, Dame Trot, JACK & THE BEANSTALK, Heathcliff Heroics for Hever Castle, Heath Pye
2016, WWI Army Captain, BATTLEFIELD 1 PROMO, Stunt Action Specialists for EA Games, Wayne De Strete
2016, Royal Footman, ODSTOCK, IAMBE Productions, Ellie Cummings
2016, Captain Chris, THE REVENGE OF EMMY TOTT, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Pip Henderson
2016, Stormtrooper, STAR WARS LIVE, The Flying Seagull Project, Ash Perrin
2015, Chef Christophe (lead), MRS BEETON’S VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Jane Glennie
2015, Mr Woodward (lead), TALES OF THE EMPRESS OF INDIA, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Mark Jones
2015, Agent Black, BOND: AGENT BLACK, Stunt Action Specialists, Wayne De Strete
2015, Footman, CHRISTMAS PARADE, IAMBE Prods, Richard Knight
2015, Mandrake the Mentalist, HALLOWEEN GHOST TRAIL, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Mark Griffin/C. Philipps
2015, Eorl the Earl (lead), VIKINGS!, Avant Garde, C. Philipps
2015, Edward Butler (lead), ERITH PARK FESTIVAL, Stunt Action Specialists, C. Philipps & Martin Hobbs
2015, The Hero of Knutsford, THE HERO OF KNUTSFORD, Sideways Arts, Rachel Cohen
2015, Sir Christopher Baker, SMUGGLERS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Mark Jones
2015, Captain Baker, WWII WEEKEND, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. Philipps & Mark Jones
2015, Pirate Captain, PIRATES, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, C. & Ed Fox
2015, James Blond, JAMES BOND SPOOF, Big Head Events, Rachael Pennell
2015, Pirate Captain, SMUGGLERS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Pip Henderson & C. Philipps
2015, Coco-Nutter, FAIR GROUND, The Edge, Alan Garner
2014, Lord John/PC World, WHO KILLED HIS LORDSHIP?, CCC Events, Katie Adrain
2014, Mr Witherspoon, A VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS, Griffin Historical for English Heritage, Jeff Baker
2014, Striker, COCA-COLA WORLD CUP, Elevate Comms, C. Philipps
2014, Darren, METAL DETECTOR at MACCLESFIELD FESTIVAL, Sideways Arts, Rachel Cohen
2014, Ricky, CIRCUE-DU-SO-WRONG at GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, Twisted Dreams, Helen Day & Ryan Dawson Laight
2013, Toy Technician Tall, LAUGHTER LAB, Bakehouse Factory, Hannah Morris
2013, Uncle Ricky, SHOCKTOBERFEST at TULLEY’S FARM, Twisted Dreams, Helen Day & Ryan Dawson Laight
2013, Lord Russell, EASTER LIVE!, Arts1 at Woburn Abbey, Rebecca Carrington
2013, Volunteer entertainer, THE FLYING SEAGULL PROJECT ROMANIA, The Flying Seagulls, Ash Perrin
2011, ‘Arry/Larry’Barry’Garry, CIRCUS, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2011, Doctor Proctor, HARRY POTTER, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2010, ‘Arry/Larry/Barry/Garry, CIRCUS, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2010, Doctor Proctor, HARRY POTTER SUMMER, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2010, ‘Arry the Elf, NARNIA, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2010, Potion Master, WIZARDS, Boo! Prods., Ash Perrin & Penny Lisle
2010, Employer/employee, EMPLOYMENT WORKSHOPS, Citizen’s Advice Bureaux, Zola Thomas
2010, Posh Boy Jim Doyle, DEATH ON TRACK, Murder Mystery Company, John McGovern
2005, Exotic Reveller, RUNGA RUNG, Emergency Exit Arts, Hannah Ashwell
2014-ONGOING, Various comic VOs, THE TREASON SHOW, Treason Prods, Mark Brailsford
2019, Narrator (lead/solo), OIL SPILL DISPERSANTS FILM, Andrew Goode TV, Andrew Goode
2019, Narrator (lead/solo), CONVEYANCING DIRECT COMMERCIAL, IndigoBlue Productions, Sue Coles
2018Parody Song Voiceover/Singer (lead/solo)MADNESS PARODY SONG COMMERCIAL – MCPHERSONSMJS MediaMatt James Southam
2018, Narrator (lead/solo), AHEAD OF TAX – FILM & ANNOUNCEMENTS, Preset TV Ltd for EY Emeia, Henry Thomas
2017Narrator (lead/solo)SEATRADE COLOUR CLASS COMMERCIALSeatradeDaphne Voorzaat
2017NarratorE-ON ANIMATIONVoicefox for E-ONMatt Ballard
2017, Announcer (lead/solo), SHAMBALA FESTIVAL, Sideways Arts, Rachel Cohen
2017, Narrator (lead/solo), ENGELS SHIPS COMMERCIAL, Intervoice for Engels, Daphne Voorzaat
2017Narrator (lead/solo), CURCHODS – EXPLAINER FILM, Indigo Blue Productions, Graham Wadsworth
2017Narrator (lead/solo), BURNS & WEBBER, Indigo Blue Productions, Graham Wadsworth
2017, Narrator, TAKE CONTROL – CONNELL’S HOME CONVEYANCING, Indigo Blue Prods, Graham Wadsworth
2017, Announcer (lead), GUY WAH – PROFESSIONAL ARSEHOLE, ZLS Theatre, Guy Wah
2016, Reg the Seagull (lead), FLOCKED – ANIMATION – Series 1 (6 episodes), A Bunch of Actors, Jason Smart
2016, Narrator, DAC BEACHCROFT ANIMATED PROMO, Chapman Creative, Freyja Westwood & Edward Chapman
2016, Narrator, CONNELL’S – EXPLAINER VIDEOS 2, Indigo Blue Prods, Graham Wadsworth
2016, Narrator, THE LANGWITCH – ANIMATION, AUB Prods, Irina Ert
2016, Narrator (lead/solo), ROOK MATTHEWS SAYER, Indigo Blue Productions, Graham Wadsworth
2016Narrator (lead/solo), GASCOIGNE HALMAN, Indigo Blue Productions, Graham Wadsworth
2016, Narrator, BRAND ME LAUNCH SITE, – New Zealand, Henk Ensing
2016, Narrator (lead), CONNEXICA PROMO, Connexica, Jennifer Jones/Christophe Philipps
2016, Man (lead), PHONE – ANIMATION, AUB Prods, Jessica Lewis
2016Narrator (solo), CONNELL’S HOME CONVEYANCING, Indigo Blue Prods, Graham Wadsworth
2015Announcer, SHOWTIME SPECTACULAR, MJS Media, Matt Southam
2015Narrator, CXAIR, Inspired Film & Video, James Hart & Adam Georgiou
2015Dr Kaufman (VO), BLANK CANVAS, Elliot Chidwick Films, Thomas Bryan
2015, Narrator, INNOVATION DAY, Calodema Media, Christina Moore
2013, Pierre, EULER HERMES, Brightwave, Stephen Mould
2012, Gabriel, JENNY RINGO & THE CABARET FROM HELL, Wolf & Fox Films, Chris Regan
2011, Voiceover #1 (lead), HIGHER EDUCATION PROMOS, Aimhigher Sussex, Rebecca Duffy
See more about Christophe’s voicework on Voices Pro

ONGOING: STORY & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS. As part of the Animation BA and MA courses at Arts University Bournemouth; deviser/tutor, combining story structure with performance skills. Since 2013.

TUTU FOR TOM.CO.UK. Online commercial with a comic edge for life insurance brand; writer, producer & director. Produced by A Bunch of Actors for Rival Animation, 2018.

ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE & TINDER SERIES 2 – 6 EPISODES. Comedy dating web series – themed on failed dates; also writer, producer and lead actor. Released on YouTube 2018.

HIPSTERS PARADISE. Parody music video, re-writing of Gangsta’s Paradise as a loving pastiche of Brighton and Hipsters. Writer/director/actor (lead/solo). Produced by A Bunch of Actors; released on YouTube 2017.

A STILL LIFE. Psychological comedy stageplay, performed as part of the Brighton Fringe at the Upstairs at the Three and Ten. Writer, director, producer, stage manager and actor. Produced by A Bunch of Actors, 2014.

HBMF: HASTINGS BEER & MUSIC FESTIVAL. Annual charity fundraising event for Hastings Round Table. Creative Director; stage manager, performer (guitar & voice) and MC/compere. 2010-2012.

GLASNEY. Historical comedy stageplay; director, producer and actor, South West tour, 2008.

TOWN & COUNTRY. Themed live sketch show, performed at Miss Peapods, Cornwall, 2008.  Director, producer, writer, actor and stage manager.

STILL LI(F)E. Psychological comedy stageplay, performed at the 3rd Floor Arts Centre, Portsmouth, 2006. Director, producer, writer, actor and stage manager.

TERRY PRATCHETT’S WYRD SISTERS. Comedy stageplay, performed at The Venue, Holloway Road, 2002. Director and producer (with Adib Bamieh) and actor.

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